Tuesday, July 21

A Trip to the Zoo!

Learning about new creatures is always fun; but it’s even better when you can see them for yourself. So when we decided to take a trip to the zoo today we knew it would be a blast! Henrietta, Bonnie and Sandy all climbed into the car this afternoon and whisked away to the Red River Zoo in Fargo. Once we arrived we were greeted by all sorts of fun animals just in the welcome building alone! We marveled at insects, lizards, toads, tarantulas, monkeys and so many more creatures we had never seen before. Henrietta was extremely impressed by the huge bright green snake she saw as she exclaimed, “Well, look at that!”

Once we finally headed into the zoo we noticed the energetic meerkats. Bonnie loved watching them play hide and seek with each other! We continued on and investigated everything from camels to wolves. Sandy really enjoyed the peacocks; and we were even visited by a little chick!

By the end of the afternoon we had learned everything we could about all the new animals we had visited. It was a great day to enjoy the beautiful weather and have an adventure!

Pictured above is one of the camels from the Red River Zoo!

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