Wednesday, November 19

Spirit of Christmas

Spreading Christmas cheer, youth from the Dilworth Lutheran Church and St. Elizabeth teamed up with Serenity Assisted Living to collect, sort and pack donations for Operation Christmas Child.
This particular charitable event is the biggest holiday charity event in the world. Since 1993, more than 61 million shoe boxes have been packed, shipped and delivered across the globe. People of all ages can be involved while focusing on the true meaning of Christmas—Jesus Christ.
Boxes brimming with toys, hygiene items, school supplies and more were collected by the very generous parishioners of Dilworth’s local church.
Not only were boxes packed with goodies for children across the world, but each youth and individual wrote a letter to the possible recipient of the box!
After an evening of packing, the boxes were ready to load into Charles Borgen’s truck to be delivered to Triumph Lutheran Church in Moorhead. Charles just happens to be a member of this particular church!
This has truly been a full circle, generational project. Starting at the churches, families of all ages brought in donations. Geriatrics and youth alike, teamed together to pack boxes. Finally, longtime church member makes a delivery of 141 boxes to an organization that returns the gift to thousands of children each year!

Tuesday, November 18

Portraits of a Geisha

Tonight at Serenity, there was the smell of Chinese in the air. That's because Danielle Hendrickx (Concordia Intern) planned an oriental theme dinner for the ladies and gentlemen of Serenity.
We all learned a lot about oriental culture; the number 4 is considered unlucky and that the Great Wall of China is over 1,500 feet long!
On the menue this evening was homemade cream cheese wontons, mini egg rolls, pineapple stir fry and sweet walnuts for dessert. Yum!

Thursday, November 13


Hubert 'Sonny' Asplin took charge in the kitchen this afternoon. Her insisted that he had more experience in peeling potatoes than everyone in the building combined. He wasn't lieing. Hubert was peeling potatoes faster than anyone had ever seen!

Tuesday, November 4


Abbie Moe sported her "I Voted" sticker this evening for Serenity's Election Party. Everyone competed in Presidential Trivia while dining on patriotic foods.
Concordia intern, Erin Johnson, planned the evening's event which hailed much enjoyment. Claryce Stohle won the trivia game, beating everyone with her knowledge of American History. Way to Go!