Monday, April 19

Wednesday, April 14

Girls Night Out!

It was 'Girls Night Out' on Wednesday...Dinner & a Movie!

The ladies started off at the West Acres movie theater to catch Nicholas Spark's newest movie, 'The Last Song.'

Needless to say, it was a wonderful movie...two thumbs up from all our attendees!

Next was a stop at Village Inn...mostly for the free dessert. If that doesn't say, Girls Night...I don't know what does!
Next trip on the calendar...the Casino!!

Tuesday, April 13

Where in the World?

Check out this group of Serenity Supporters spotted this weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona!

Sunday, April 11

Sunday Concert

Arlen Anderson spent the afternoon serenading the ladies and gentlemen of Serenity.
He hosted a mini concert right in the dining room! Thanks for playing Arlen!

Saturday, April 10

Here Fishy Fishy...

Michele Scheuring brought in some friends to live at Serenity. Be sure to visit Betty Prins and Hubert Asplin to say Hello to our new little friends!

Monday, April 5

March Slideshow

Soulstice Exercise Program

We’ve been having so much fun playing our yard games lately that we’ve decided to start an actual exercise program here at Serenity. Soulstice is an exercise program that involves doing simple exercises all while sitting in a chair. Participants move their arms in legs in simple exercises to help them gain and build muscles. We also do dances and play games. With more strength, we can do so much!

Soulstice participants meet three days a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 4-4:30 p.m. in the formal dining room at Serenity. Once it starts getting nicer outside we hope to meet outdoors on occasion!

Take a look at these photos of our first meeting! Pictured above is Orval as he stretches his arms before playing one of our many games; and to the right is Arlene who is enjoying the new program (Bonnie is to the left in the background)!

Sunday, April 4

Happy Birthday, Lois Seifert!

Not only is today Easter, but we are also celebrating Lois’ birthday! Lois went on a short trip with her family to celebrate in Fargo – they even had birthday cake instead of pie. Lois said, “I like pie even more than cake!” Lois’ family made her favorite – coconut meringue pie; m-m-m delicious!

Once Lois came home to Serenity we surprised her with a birthday cake, too! Let’s just say she had a busy day eating all her scrumptious birthday treats. Happy birthday, Lois!

Saturday, April 3


John and Sandy were putting on the moves today - putting on the moves to carefully remove Jenga blocks! For those of you who may not know what Jenga is, it is a game in which the players remove blocks from the tower and place them on the peak of the tower. As you can guess, once many of the blocks are removed, the game gets rather difficult as the objective is to keep the tower standing. The two definitely had a blast trying to outwit each other!

Take a peak at these photos to see the moves John and Sandy made to win the game. Pictured above is John who is very carefully removing a block, and to the right is Sandy who is ready for the win!

Thursday, April 1

Home Away From Home

It’s high time we finally acknowledged it, but join us in welcoming our volunteer, Orvin Tingum! Orvin visits Serenity nearly every day and enjoys visiting at coffee time. If he’s not enjoying a conversation with Sonny, you could almost certainly find him in Flo’s apartment – he is Flo's son! As we like to joke, and Orvin would agree, Serenity is his home away from home!

April Fools!

Today is a great day – if you’re a trickster! And all of us at Serenity discovered that the Serenity staff is full of tricky people.

Today we arrived at lunch and noticed bright yellow butcher block tablecloths on the table. We figured that it was spring now and that’s not too out of the ordinary. But then the staff squirted ketchup and mustard right on the table! What happened to plates?!

After this we were served a delicious meal of corn dogs and French fries – with no silverware. For dessert we were served dirt. Yes, we couldn’t believe it was dirt. After we summed up enough courage to at least try this concoction, we discovered that it was only pudding and crushed Oreos! What a meal!

Take a peek at this photo of Arlene as she tries to make out what was happening today at lunch!