Thursday, July 9

Casino Day!

Almost all of our parents have told us at one point or another that gambling is just a waste of money. However, here at Serenity we decided that casinos are fine in moderation. So we decided that we would have a casino party right here at Serenity! The whole dining room was decorated like a fancy casino with playing cards on all the walls, festive decorations hanging from the ceiling, and helium balloons floating from our tables.

The fun began at lunchtime when we all ate like high rollers. The meal was great and served in casino style complete with cocktail shrimp as an appetizer and raspberry drizzle cake for dessert. After lunch the festivities began and we played some games. When we would win we were given poker chips that we would use in the final auction game. Bingo was the most popular game; but sometimes the caller just didn’t call the right numbers!

Once we had finished playing our games we took all the chips we had won and used them to win fun auction prizes. But this wasn’t as easy as it sounds! All the prizes were wrapped in gift bags so we couldn’t know what was in them. We simply felt the bags and bet on them just hoping that we would win something good. It was a lot of to see what everyone had won!

Pictured above is Cleo who is working hard to win a game of bingo! And take a look at this picture of Florence holding her chips. She used most of them to win gum and a few other things!

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