Friday, May 29

Graduation Fun

It is nearing the time when many students leave high school and college and must celebrate their years in school. So we decided we would party, too! On Friday night we celebrated for all the graduates who will be taking the next step in their lives. The party was complete with decorations, noisemakers, amazing food and lots of fun. Take a peek at this picture of Lois to get a glimpse of our marvelous night!

Spotted in Ft. Myers!

This month, a Serenity supporter has been spotted in Ft. Myers, Florida. Zach Mjones was on spring break with his family and enjoyed a beautiful view of the Gulf. He and his family were even able to catch the Minnesota Twins pre-season at a spring training game.
Check out our new display of worldly supporters in the North hallway by Elaine’s office. Look next month to see where a Serenity supporter will be spotted next!

Wednesday, May 27

A Perfect Cut

The ladies and gentlemen here at Serenity are looking pretty sharp these days. At Serenity we have our very own beauty parlor and we invite local hair stylists to cut hair for those individuals who would like this service. This is really nice because all we have to do is walk down the hall to get our hair styled just the way we like it! In fact, many of us take the time to use this luxury to get spruced up from time to time. Just today the hair stylist came to Serenity to keep all of us looking good. Throughout the day we often heard compliments on new hairdos and the confidence that comes with them. And who doesn’t enjoy a fresh haircut!? Take a look at this photo as Muriel takes the chance to relax as her hair is styled.

Tuesday, May 26

Mr. Grasshead

A smile is one of the simplest pleasures in life. Today a few of us here at Serenity had a lot to smile about as we made Mr. Grasshead projects. Once we had gathered a group of ladies looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon we began by filling nylons with grass seeds and potting soil. After the nylons were filled with enough dirt to make a round ball-shape we decorated this figure to look like a funny face. Once the initial projects were finished we watered them so that the grass will grow to look like hair. It was such a fun way to enjoy the afternoon. Just take a look below at a few of the funny Mr. Grassheads that we made!

Pictured above is Claryce with her Mr. Grasshead.

Monday, May 25

May Montage

Keeping Sharp

Sometimes finding the right words is difficult for all of us. But if you are Esther Hilger and Muriel Kaercher, searching your brain for the appropriate words can make for an entertaining game. Esther and Muriel have been playing Scrabble together for quite some time now and it’s pretty amazing what creative words they pull out of their heads to rack up the points! And keeping such an active mind is not just child’s play. According to a research study from the Journal of Neuroscience, doing activities such as reading a book or completing a crossword puzzle can stimulate the mind to delay and even possibly prevent the onset of dementia related diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Though previously thought to be a normal part of aging, experts have now declared that cases of extreme memory loss are not part of the normal aging process at all. Therefore, more dementia related diseases are being researched along with Alzheimer’s to find cures for these illnesses. Currently there are some drugs that have had some success in slowing the dementia process, but there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Because of this, it is important for scientists to research other possible methods to combat dementia. This study suggests that if we keep our minds active by fulfilling mind-provoking activities, we could slow or even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. So even though playing games like Scrabble just keep Esther and Muriel happy, their brains are working hard at leading a healthy life. Just take a look at the two pictured here as they challenge each other’s wits!

(Check out this study at

Memorial Day Celebration

Today is declared as the national holiday to remember what many soldiers have given up to protect the citizens and freedoms of this country. Memorial Day found its beginnings long ago, dating back to shortly after the Civil War when women in the South decorated departed soldiers’ graves. It was for this reason that this memorial celebration was first proclaimed Decoration Day; however, it is nearly impossible to link today’s Memorial Day with such historical information. Memorial Day also has roots as far back as 1868 when General John Logan gave orders that May 30th would be celebrated in the memory of deceased soldiers.

It is most likely that this holiday came into existence because many cities celebrated some sort of local holiday in memory of fallen soldiers. Despite this fact, President Lyndon Johnson officially declared the birthplace of our current Memorial Day as the city of Waterloo, New York in May 1966.

We currently celebrate Memorial Day on the last Monday of every May. Today we take the time to remember those who have gone before us, and to know that at this time they are thinking of us as well. This is the one day of the year in which we honor those brave ones who have given up so much to protect all of us here today; and not to forget those who are presently protecting our freedoms. Let us honor them with pride and patriotism; love and adoration.


Friday, May 22

A New Helper

Would you like to meet our newest employee at Serenity? Well, she would like to meet you! Emily Cole has been working at Serenity for a few weeks now and insists that her favorite part so far is getting to know all the people here, whether they are the ladies and gentlemen who live here or staff. She is most looking forward to getting to know more of the people involved with Serenity and is also excited to try some new foods at the Passport Meals (the next one involves Germany). Emily is currently a junior at Moorhead High School and is planning on attending Minnesota State Community and Technical College for nursing. That seems like a pretty good idea for Emily since she is already med certified and helps at Serenity by assisting with the distribution of medication.

Welcome, Emily!

Thursday, May 21

Art Frees the Mind!

The artist John Updike once suggested, “What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.” And this space is exactly what some of the ladies of Serenity needed as we made craft projects today. About seven ladies from Serenity painted a few small clay pots which were then strung up and made into wind chimes. The bright colors certainly cheered all of us up and we had a great time chatting, laughing and painting. When the pots were finally dry we had enough beautiful pieces to make four wind chimes which will be hung around Serenity to be enjoyed throughout the summer months… But that is only if our RN, Jodi, doesn’t decide to borrow one! Once Jodi discovered what we were up to, she slyly hinted that she would really like one of the completed wind chimes. So we had better all keep an eye on Jodi or she just might take one!

Take a look above at Claryce, Henrietta and Arlene T. as they paint a few of the beautiful pots! Below is a group shot of the whole gang finishing up their projects.

Wednesday, May 20

Our Proud Postmaster

Our personal mailwoman at Serenity has had some excitement lately. Claryce Stohle delivers the mail daily within Serenity and just got a spiffy, new mail cart. The postmaster from Dilworth even came in for a visit to give Claryce an official U.S. Post Office visor to wear while she works. Now Claryce delivers the mail in style with two American flags attached to her cart and a smile on her face. Just take a look at this picture of Claryce with her new mail cart, visor and patriotism!

Tuesday, May 19

Happy Birthday, Esther Hilger!

There is no better time to be with friends and loved ones than on your birthday; and that is exactly what Esther Hilger did today! To kick her birthday off, Esther planned her own special meal of pinwheel rollups as well as chicken enchiladas. She even had a margarita to celebrate! This is only fitting because Mexican food is Esther’s favorite. But the fun didn’t stop there. Aside from the meal itself, Esther’s brother-in-law decided to pay her a visit and brought in four birthday pies in lieu of a cake. It was an exciting day for all of us here at Serenity!

Happy Birthday, Esther Hilger!

Good Food, Good People!

Lately the food has been so good here at Serenity that we might have to start loosening our belts soon! Our new chef, Jacob, has been cooking up a storm for all of us here; and we certainly enjoy his cuisines.

Jacob is originally from Ada, Minnesota and went to high school with Richard and Denise for a few years. He currently attends the Minnesota State University of Moorhead and is studying business administration and marketing. Aside from his schooling Jacob has volunteered at Serenity in the past and decided to spend this summer creating his delicacies for all of us here; and we sure enjoy it!

So far Jacob’s favorite part of working at Serenity is the people, and he is looking forward to all the events we have planned for the coming summer. Welcome, Jacob!

Monday, May 18

Here Comes the Sun

It seemed like true summer weather would never visit us here in Dilworth until today! We were blessed with a warm, sunny day which was well enjoyed by all of us here at Serenity. The day was full of outdoor activities such as taking rides on a golf cart to simply enjoying the sunshine on our faces. Needless to say, most of us spent the entire day outdoors. Just look at the fun we had!

Mary Grubb situates herself outside on the patio table with her crayons and coloring books to test her creative skills. The sunshine feels great!

The Ladies watch Daniel O'Donnel outside on a beautiful day!

Abbie Moe & Elaine Anderson sit outside on the swing in the back to enjoy the sunshine.

Richard Anderson & Cleo Havlis take a ride on Serenity's golf cart. Cleo even got to drive!

New Recruit

Lately the ladies and gentlemen of Serenity have been asking about an interesting name of one of our new universal care workers, Maren. This young lady is originally from Lake Park, Minnesota and decided to work at Serenity because of its homey and caring atmosphere.

Over the next few months Maren hopes to learn how to care for all the individuals of Serenity in an encouraging and positive manner. So far her favorite part of working at Serenity is the people.

“The staff and people who live here are all wonderful and so positive!” she says.

Maren is most looking forward to learning new skills and meeting everyone here at Serenity. In the fall Maren will head to Morris where she will attend the University of Minnesota to study biochemistry. Welcome, Maren!

Wednesday, May 13

Welcome Carol Young!

Albert Einstein once proclaimed, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” And this type of life is exactly what our new friend, Carol Young, wants to lead! Carol is a participant in the CCRI program and our newest volunteer at Serenity. She will come to Serenity once a week for about an hour to spend most of her time with Henrietta. Just this morning they were found entertaining themselves with an amusing puzzle!

Welcome, Carol Young!

Tuesday, May 12

A New Face

Recently many of us have noticed there are a few new faces to see around Serenity; and I am one of those new people that everyone around here likes to chat with! My name is Nathan and I am a new communications intern here at Serenity. I am currently a senior at Concordia College in Moorhead and study public relations, marketing and German. I will be helping the ladies and gentlemen around here by writing for our blog, taking pictures and coordinating some events - I hope they are getting excited for a big theme party coming up soon! Of course, I have already taken the time to get acquainted with everyone here and have been lucky enough to have had a few long talks with some very interesting people. I look forward to keeping the ladies and gentlemen here busy and informing all of you about the news at Serenity!

Sunday, May 10

Anna's Birthday!

Not only was this Sunday a big day for all the mothers here at Serenity, but it was also a special day for Anna as it was her birthday! We all celebrated with cake, candles and songs along with all the other fun festivities that come with a birthday party.

Pictured here is Anna with her birthday cake. And since you are most likely wondering – it tasted just as good as it looks!

Happy birthday, Anna!

Mothers' Day

The ladies of Serenity sure had a fun time on Mothers’ Day this Sunday. To celebrate the holiday many of us took the time to make and decorate sunhats with beautiful designs, craft flowers and other fun charms. It was an exciting way to have a few laughs and enjoy the special day!

Pictured above is Claryce who is enjoying the festivities. Doesn't that look like fun?!

Saturday, May 9

Biggest Fan

Saturday, May 9th was a chilly 37 degrees with almost 15,000 runners of all ages lined up at the FargoDome. It was the 5th annual Fargo Marathon and these runners ranged from all ages. The crowd bustling around the streets of Fargo ranged in all ages as well.

Our own Abbie Moe braved the frigid temperatures to watch her grandson run a marathon he's been training half a year for. For those of you who aren't familiar with marathons, they are a whopping 26.2 miles long. Those training for marathons brave frequent blisters, sore knees and thoughts of "Why am I doing this?" Needless to say, Abbie Moe had a lot to be proud of!

Rising with the sun, Abbie was up and ready to greet the runners. We bundled up and nestled into our spot on the sidewalk to look for her grandson in blue. Dan Johnson, Abbie's grandson, was wearing a shirt that Serenity made just for the day. On the back it stated: "Serenity Assisted Living...My Grandma Lives There!" And even though Abbie's special shirt was hidden in layers of jackets and blankets, hers was a bright pink Fargo Marathon shirt that said: "I'm the Grandma!"

The proudest moment came at mile 15 when we quickly saw Dan stride by.

He yelled, "Hi Grandma! Hi Grandma!"

Smiles met the lips of both generations. What a boost for a runner at mile 15! Abbie was proud to go back to Serenity later that day and tell everyone at the lunch table how proud she was of her grandson and that she braved the chilly weather. This 96 year old lady is an inspiration herself!

Thursday, May 7

Furry Friends

On Thursday the ladies and gentlemen of Serenity were visited by a couple of Jodi’s furry friends. Jodi not only brought her dogs, Toby and Tucker, but supplied all of us here with a few smiles as well. Toby has been around for some time but Tucker is a new, loveable puppy who likes to play follow the leader. Both are cuddly Yorkies who love to be held and adored. Just take a peek at this photo of Henrietta who is holding a squirmy Tucker!

Wednesday, May 6

National Nurses' Day

It is National Nurses’ Day and the ladies and gentlemen here at Serenity must have thought it would be a perfect time to honor our RN, Jodi. As we know, Jodi has been busy training a few new faces and also keeping everyone around Serenity happy and healthy. The day was celebrated by presenting Jodi with a giant cookie that read, “You’re a Good Cookie.” This commemoration was followed by a short speech from both Charles and Sonny. That cookie sure looks tasty!

Pictured above are Charles, Jodi and Hubert (Sonny).

Tuesday, May 5

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo wasn’t just celebrated south of the US border this year as the ladies and gentlemen of Serenity Assisted Living had a bash of their own this past Tuesday. Contrary to what many Americans believe of the Fifth of May commemoration, it does not honor Mexico’s independence day.

The holiday celebrates the day the Mexican army conquered the French army and other Mexican traitors in the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. Though this battle did not win the war, many still recognize the courage this Mexican army demonstrated as it was outnumbered by thousands. To acknowledge the bravery of this army, the creative individuals of Serenity celebrated by designing party essentials such as piñatas. These paper mache projects entertained and truly allowed the individuals of Serenity show off their artistic talents.

After the hard work of creating these piñatas had come to an end, it was time to sit down and enjoy a few other aspects of the Mexican culture. For supper the ladies and gentlemen enjoyed some unique foods such as nachos and empanadas as well as a festive dessert. And what would a Cinco de Mayo party be without sombreros to capture Mexico’s unique culture? By the end of the day, even the original Mexican army from the Battle of Puebla would have been proud to have celebrated with the ladies and gentlemen of Serenity.