Friday, July 17

Jamaican Passport Meal

Yah, Mon! We’re in Jamaica! This afternoon we got a taste of Jamaican culture with our Jamaican Passport Meal; but we’ve been getting ready for the festivities this whole week. On Monday we had a blast tie-dying t-shirts that we all wore for the first time today. These were all so colorful and it was fun to finally see how all of our shirts had turned out! And we even had more fun with Jamaican themed crafts yesterday when we made Jamaican Bracelets. Making these taught us that patience really is a virtue; but it was a ton of fun putting them together. Today was the perfect time to show off all our Jamaican creations, both the t-shirts and bracelets; and it was really exciting!

To begin the party this afternoon we all held silly props in front of our faces and took funny pictures. All of these photos of our funny faces are now taped on our doors so that all our visitors can see the fun we had. It was a blast to see how funny we all looked, and now we can remember it every time we go out our doors!

After our photo shoot we started eating our summer-themed Jamaican Passport Meal. We began with a traditional appetizer called Jamaican Shrimp and continued the meal with white rice cooked with coconut milk and Jamaican Red Stripe Chicken as the main course. For dessert we all tried Fried Ripe Plantains which were very interesting. By the time we were done eating we discovered that Jamaicans eat quite well!

Above is a picture of Genevieve Sunde and Mary Joan Grubb with their silly facial props. To the left is a photo of Henrietta Van Dyke modeling her Jamaican Bracelet and to the right is a picture of Alfred Baumgartner sporting his huge sunglasses!

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