Saturday, July 4

Independence Day Celebration

Every year the citizens of this country celebrate the United States’ birthday on the Fourth of July. This year we celebrated our nation’s 233rd birthday by having our Independence Day meal and enjoying a wonderful afternoon of patriotic fun. Our cook, Jacob, even dressed up as Uncle Sam and rounded everyone up for the occasion. The meal was great and we even had patriotic cupcakes for dessert! But we had more fun afterwards. We all waved American flags and even dressed up with festive hats and necklaces. And all our patriotic crafts sure gave the dining room some spirit! When all was said and done, it was a perfect day to remember all of those people who have given so much to protect our freedoms and to show some of our patriotism!

Take a look at Marilyn who is dressed up for the occasion! Below is our cook, Jacob, who is dressed up like Uncle Sam. He helped with the patriotic spirit of the day!

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