Thursday, July 23

John's Golfing Adventure

Those who visit Serenity know that John Grubb loves to golf; he just hasn’t had the chance to get to a course lately. Today we decided it was high time for John to get back to the game he loves so we drove to Fargo’s Thunder Road to practice putting on the Thunder Mountain Mini Golf Course. After the first hole I realized that John certainly hadn’t lost his touch over the last few years! He started by getting a birdie on a par three and slowly started working his magic on all the other holes. At first he contributed his skill to luck, but by the end of 18 holes I realized that John was truly talented. Though I thought I knew a thing or two about mini golf, John certainly made me look bad! He even got a hole-in-one after he figured out how the ball rolled on the fake grass! Needless to say, if you would like a challenge on the course you should invite John. He’ll certainly give you a run for your money!

Take a look at these pictures of John to see all the fun he had! To the left is John standing in front of the neat landscaping at Thunder Mountain, and to the right is a picture of John on the first hole!

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