Monday, August 2

Wednesday, July 21

God Bless Abbie Moe

Abbie Moe dances with God in Heaven today...please say a warm prayer for her loved ones, that they all know her love for them all.

Tuesday, July 20

Potato Days | Stuff for Seniors

Potato Days | Stuff for Seniors

What I Learned at Serenity


When I started working at Serenity over a year ago, I was very excited for my position as a communications intern. Though I probably would never have admitted it then, I remember jumping up and down once I received the word that I had been chosen as a summer intern!

From the beginning, I learned a number of things about my future career interests and was able to use my education for real work experiences. It was great to work on projects such as the Dilworth Health Fair, especially because I was interested in event planning. I also enjoyed having numerous opportunities to work on various projects, especially writing blog and news articles. But my favorite part about working at Serenity has always been working with the individuals who live here.

It’s been an eye-opening experience to be welcomed into the lives of the elderly. I may not have realized it a year ago, but now I truly understand that I am not only a part of their lives—they are a major part of mine. They have shown me how some of the simple joys in life can make a bad day into an amazing one. I have learned so much from them that has helped me learn more about myself. They have helped me develop into the person I had always wanted to be, and shown me so much more about life than I had known before meeting them.

I have sincerely enjoyed my time at Serenity. Needless to say, it’s been an extraordinary adventure that has helped me develop into a well-rounded individual. Thank you, once again, for letting me become part of this wonderful organization. I sincerely appreciate everything Serenity has done for me!

~Nathan Ellering

Tuesday, July 6

Other Hat Club goes to Kroll's Diner

“A hat is a flag, a shield, a bit of armor, and the badge of femininity.

A hat is the difference between wearing clothes and wearing a costume; it’s the difference between being dressed and being dressed up; it’s the difference between looking adequate and looking your best.

A hat is to be stylish in, to glow under, to flirt beneath, to make all others seem jealous over, and to make all men feel masculine about. A piece of magic is a hat.”

~Martha Sliter

Some of the ladies and gentlemen met for another gathering of the ‘Other Hat Club’ at Kroll’s diner this month for a 50’s themed get-together.

Next month our ladies and gentlemen will be celebrating a garden theme in an actual garden at Roni’s house! She is opening her home to Serenity and hosting a fun evening around a fire where the flowers will be blooming and birds will be chirping!

Friday, June 25

Orval M. Hurner

Orval M. Hurner, 79, Moorhead, MN, died on Monday, June 21, at MeritCare Palliative Care, Fargo, ND.
Orval was born on March 4, 1931, in Moorhead, MN, to Fred and Crystal (Mart) Hurner. He grew up on the family farm northwest of Glyndon, MN. He attended school in a one room schoolhouse in Morken Township, District 22 West, and then attended High School in Glyndon. As he was growing up he helped his parents farm and was very active in 4-H, winning many awards and trips on garden, grain and livestock projects. Trips included county, state, and national club congress in Chicago and Washington, DC. He also served as an adult leader for ten years.

In 1952, he enlisted in the Army and was stationed at Camp Carson Colorado, where he attended cook and bakers school. He was promoted to head cook for army officers mess. In 1954 he was sent overseas to serve in Korea, and was discharged in 1955. In 1956 he started work at the Fargo VA Hospital in dietetics food service for twenty years. He spent an additional ten years as chief of food production and service. He loved vacationing at his lake cabin and traveling the 48 states by car.

After retiring, he and his mother moved from the home farm to his 4 and 1/2 acre lot north of Moorhead. He enjoyed his lawn, flowers, trees and garden and turned a wheat field into a showplace. In the winter he made craft items, tracing leaves onto 1/2 inch oak and making plaques, shelves, and napkin holders and selling them at craft shows. In 1998 he began volunteering at Elim Care Center, where his mother was. He moved to a condominium in Moorhead in 2009, and in January 2010, moved to Serenity Assisted Living in Dilworth.

Orval was also a very active member of North Buffalo Lutheran Church, where he held many offices and loved to do quilting. Recently, Orval had been attending Maranatha Lutheran Church in Glyndon, with his brother Donald.

Wednesday, June 23

Mini Golf!

John has always been a golfer. If you ask him about the sport, he could tell you a number of stories of how he used to fly executives around the United States and when they were working, he’d be out golfing the day away. What a life!

That’s why I asked John and Mary Joan to go mini golfing today! After so many years, I could tell that John has always been an avid golfer. He hasn’t lost his touch! It was a blast to see John make the most outrageous putts; and all the while Mary was doing an awesome job, too.

As we continued our way through the course, I should have known better than to compete against John – he’s almost a pro! Needless to say, I lost again – just like last year. Maybe I should get some more practice in before next time!

Take a look at these photos of John and Mary’s putting adventure! Above is Mary and to the right is John who sank this putt for a birdie – which put him yet another point ahead of me!

Monday, June 21

Friday, June 18

Ladies in Red!

Ladies in Red!
Esther Hilger ventured home this month to celebrate her mom's 90th birthday...what a great looking group of women!