Wednesday, April 22

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day. Started in 1962 by Senator Gaylord Nelson, this celebration is a reminder to do good to your Earth. Serenity did it's part by recylcing handfuls of tin cans from our meals, sprucing them up with some paint and planing our favorite herbs.

We included chives, parsley, rosemary, oregano, mint and cilantro in our menagerie. We can hardly wait for these yummy herbs to grow so we can use them in our meals!

Pictured above is Arlene Tangen, focusing on her design.

Monday, April 13

Amanda Horpedahl

Take time to welcome our newest volunteer at Serenity! Her name is Amanda Horpedahl and she has already logged 16 volunteer hours here! She is a whiz at Connect 4 and has the greatest smile! We are so very happy to have her!

Saturday, April 11

Easter Eggs

The ladies and gentlemen of Serenity practiced their creative skills on yarn Easter eggs today. The masterpieces are hanging in the kitchen, check them out!

Saturday, April 4

Happy Birthday, Lois!

Lois celebrated her birthday today with a cake she designed her cake. It looked lovely and tasted even better! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, April 1

April Fools!

Around here, we certainly pulled out our bags of tricks for April Fool's Day! As a surprise lunch, when the ladies & gentlemen came down to the dining room for a bite to eat...they found the three tables pushed together in one big row and covered in colored paper. There were crayons on the table and everyone was encourage to color.

Richard came from the kitchen next with "Grilled Cheese Sandwiches." It turns out that these cheesey sandwiches were really angel food cake with frosting in the middle. After the backwards start to lunch, hamburgers & french fries were served right on the plates or silverware! Richard went around the table and squirted everyone's initials in ketchup right on the table as well! Talk about one crazy lunch!

Check out Cleo Havlis's picture above...she knows we have tricks up our sleeve!