Thursday, February 11

Will You Be My Valentine?

For the past two years at Serenity, we have decorated our own heart-shaped sugar cookies to treat ourselves at our annual Sweetheart Supper to celebrate Valentine's Day. Icing, sprinkles and unique designs is all we needed for success. We had cookies in purple, pink, red, green, blue, yellow and even cookies with a little of each color!

It was really fun to look at everyone's cookie when they were all finished...a true work of art! It was also fun to see each person put on their thinking caps to figure out what they would put on their cookies. Pictured above is Hubert 'Sonny' Asplin choosing purple for his cookie. To the right, is Betty Prins, smiling as she tries a marbled look for her cookie.

Look below to see everyone's cookie in a group shot. Yum! I'm surprised no one took a bite out of their cookies before our evening meal! Not any two cookies look alike!
Which one do YOU want to sink your teeth

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