Friday, February 19

Pet Day at Serenity!

A few short weeks ago, Jackie started asking all of us about our pets. Since she loves dogs she gave us the idea of making a picture frame with all the wonderful dogs in our lives. But we took this a step further.

Today we celebrated Pet Day at Serenity. Aside from having all kinds of fun with the furry friends who came to visit us, we also made pet crafts all day! First we fixed up some delicious dog treats for our furry visitors, then we made puppy chow for our human visitors.

After a well deserved coffee break, we went at it again! We made a few dog chew toys by cutting strips out of old towels and braiding them together. What a perfect way to spend our Pet Day!

Check out these fun pictures of our Pet Day. Above is Claryce who is busy making dog treats, and to the left is Orval who is preparing puppy chow. To the right is Lois and Mabel!

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