Wednesday, February 17

Mardi Gras Fun!

As always, we’ve been keeping busy here at Serenity! This week we got in the spring spirit and made Mardi Gras masks just for fun. It was a blast for us to sit down and make the silly disguises with all our friends; but it was even more fun to look at everyone when they tried on their masks!

On Fat Tuesday we celebrated Mardi Gras by holding a fun party! We donned our masks and had a blast laughing with each other as we got our pictures taken. Do you think you can recognize us? Check out the bulletin board by the parking lot entrance to see all of us wearing our Mardi Gras masks!

Take a look above at Sandy as she decorates her own mask before the Mardi Gras party on Tuesday. To the left is Charles and on the right is Muriel; both had a great time at the celebration!

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