Wednesday, June 23

Mini Golf!

John has always been a golfer. If you ask him about the sport, he could tell you a number of stories of how he used to fly executives around the United States and when they were working, he’d be out golfing the day away. What a life!

That’s why I asked John and Mary Joan to go mini golfing today! After so many years, I could tell that John has always been an avid golfer. He hasn’t lost his touch! It was a blast to see John make the most outrageous putts; and all the while Mary was doing an awesome job, too.

As we continued our way through the course, I should have known better than to compete against John – he’s almost a pro! Needless to say, I lost again – just like last year. Maybe I should get some more practice in before next time!

Take a look at these photos of John and Mary’s putting adventure! Above is Mary and to the right is John who sank this putt for a birdie – which put him yet another point ahead of me!

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