Thursday, June 17

Fargo Marathon 2010

Serenity racers pushed ahead in the Fargo Marathon this year. There were several Serenity employees who participated, including Elaine and Denise Anderson, Reba Greer, Kristen Huselid, Marissa Strobel and Rachel Mjones.

Elaine, Denise and Reba participated in the 5k event and were greeted by Michele Scheuring with a sign that read, “Go Team Serenity Assisted Living! We are proud of you!” What a great way to keep them motivated!

Kristen and Marissa ran the marathon relay event with a few other friends. They did exceptionally well and finished the relay at 3:51:47. This is a great time!

Rachel ran the half marathon which is 13.1 kilometers. If that is not impressive enough, she did an amazing job and finished in 272nd place out of over 6,000 runners in her category! Her time was 1:39:21.

Take a peek at the photo above to see a bit of the marathon fun that happened this year. Pictured here is the 5k team getting amped before the big event!

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