Thursday, April 1

April Fools!

Today is a great day – if you’re a trickster! And all of us at Serenity discovered that the Serenity staff is full of tricky people.

Today we arrived at lunch and noticed bright yellow butcher block tablecloths on the table. We figured that it was spring now and that’s not too out of the ordinary. But then the staff squirted ketchup and mustard right on the table! What happened to plates?!

After this we were served a delicious meal of corn dogs and French fries – with no silverware. For dessert we were served dirt. Yes, we couldn’t believe it was dirt. After we summed up enough courage to at least try this concoction, we discovered that it was only pudding and crushed Oreos! What a meal!

Take a peek at this photo of Arlene as she tries to make out what was happening today at lunch!

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