Saturday, August 1

Loco Daze Parade!

This morning we all got up bright and early, but not because we had to; we were just too excited to sleep anymore! Today almost all of us participated in Dilworth’s Loco Daze Parade. And we had one of the most fun floats of the day! We all rode in a horse-drawn wagon and threw out candy to all the kids who came to see the procession. Esther Hilger and a few of the boys even rode through the whole thing with Serenity’s scooters! And Abbie Moe was certainly treated with luxury as she rode in style with Richard in Serenity’s golf cart. A few of us even had the chance to ride in a 1930s classic. We also had a blast simply looking at all the other floats in the parade; there were a lot of neat ones there!

Just take a look at these photos to get a glimpse of all our parade fun! Pictured above is our horse-drawn wagon! There were a lot of us that rode on this float: (L – R in rows) Sandy, Maren, Claryce, Henrietta, Simone, Bonnie, Emily, Marilyn, Mary Joan and Elaine. To the left is a picture of the ones who rode scooters in the parade: (L – R) Nathan, John, Jake and Esther. To the right is Tim who is driving Lois, Muriel and Florence in the 1930s classic. Below is a photo of Abbie and Richard in Serenity’s golf cart.

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