Monday, August 10

Candy Bird Nests

Here at Serenity we enjoy bird watching. It’s a fun pastime to see those feathery creatures hopping around in the birdbaths or to watch them eat from our feeders. And today we decided it would be fun to make some “bird treats” for all of us to eat! This afternoon a few of the ladies at Serenity gathered in the kitchen to make Candy Bird Nests out of chocolate, crispy rice and yogurt covered raisins.

First we melted chocolate chips, added crispy rice and mixed these two ingredients to make a mess of chocolate! Then we carefully scooped some of the mixture into muffin trays to create our nests. And to top off the fun snack we added yogurt covered raisins that looked like bird eggs! It was a blast for all of us to step outside the box and make “bird treats” for ourselves!

Just take a look at these pictures to see all the fun we had! To the left is a picture of Claryce getting ready to make the bird nests and to the right is Sandy hard at work.

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