Tuesday, July 20

What I Learned at Serenity


When I started working at Serenity over a year ago, I was very excited for my position as a communications intern. Though I probably would never have admitted it then, I remember jumping up and down once I received the word that I had been chosen as a summer intern!

From the beginning, I learned a number of things about my future career interests and was able to use my education for real work experiences. It was great to work on projects such as the Dilworth Health Fair, especially because I was interested in event planning. I also enjoyed having numerous opportunities to work on various projects, especially writing blog and news articles. But my favorite part about working at Serenity has always been working with the individuals who live here.

It’s been an eye-opening experience to be welcomed into the lives of the elderly. I may not have realized it a year ago, but now I truly understand that I am not only a part of their lives—they are a major part of mine. They have shown me how some of the simple joys in life can make a bad day into an amazing one. I have learned so much from them that has helped me learn more about myself. They have helped me develop into the person I had always wanted to be, and shown me so much more about life than I had known before meeting them.

I have sincerely enjoyed my time at Serenity. Needless to say, it’s been an extraordinary adventure that has helped me develop into a well-rounded individual. Thank you, once again, for letting me become part of this wonderful organization. I sincerely appreciate everything Serenity has done for me!

~Nathan Ellering


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