Tuesday, May 18

Mother-Daughter Tea and Father-Son Toast

Today the Other Hat Club held its Mother-Daughter Tea and Father-Son Toast at Serenity! Roni, Michele and Marilyn hosted the event; and they did a terrific job! They served coffee, tea, brownies, cookies and so many other fun tea time treats – and let me tell you, the goodies were delicious!

Not a thing was missed – the tables were decorated with the neatest tea sets and fresh flowers. Even the men’s table was decorated with handkerchiefs and denim tablecloths!

Here’s the best part – it was a blast to see all of our relatives come for a visit! It’s always nice to give them a fun reason to come over and see what’s going on at Serenity!

Take a look at these pictures to see all of the fun we had at our Mother-Daughter Tea and Father-Son Toast. Pictured above is Simone who is enjoying the afternoon and to the right is a shot of the dining room.

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