Thursday, January 28

Chili Contest Winners!

Announcing our winners for the 2nd Annual Serenity Assisted Living Chili Contest! This year we had nine entries, all SO delicious!

Pictured to the left is our panel of judges (L/R) Denise Balzum, Ron Sahr, Joan Klinnert, Tony Doll and Jim Westphal. Each arduously took their time to determine their favorite chili. What did they decide? Ron Dick's 'Tasteless Chicken Chili' was the unanimous winner! How they decided between all the other delicious chilis I don't know, I'm just glad I didn't have to judge the contest!

The judges also determined winners of two other categories: Most Unique and Best Bribe. Six-year-old Olivia Watson won the Most Unique category! Her chili was called Butter & Baby Bean Turkey with Roast Garlic. Mmmmm! The winner of Best Bribe went to Kim Wegge with her bribe of homemade fudge and banana bread. I changed my mind, maybe being a judge would have been great with those wonderful bribes!

The public was also allowed a couple ballots to vote as they noshed on their favorite chilis. People's choice went to John Hanson for his 'Best in Town' Chili! He is the son-in-law of our very own Alfred Baumgartner! Second place for the same category went to Esther Hilger, also a member of Serenity Assisted Living! Third place went to Teryl Clausen's chili, daughter of our Lois Seifert! Our ladies and gentlemen of Serenity and their families sure know how to cook!

Finally, there was a Best Name category voted by the people. The clear winner was Bryan Champagne with his chili called ' Champagne's Colon Cleanser.'

Thanks to everyone for making our event a success and by supporting what we do here at Serenity Assisted Living! We truly appreciate it and look forward to our contest next year!

Pictured to the right is the winner, Ron Dick, with our Chili Contest traveling trophy and administrator of Serenity Assisted Living, Tim Anderson.

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