Tuesday, December 29

Happy 101st Birthday, Muriel!

Today, our very own Muriel Kaercher turns 101!!

Join us for cake and coffee in our dining room at 3:00 today to hear stories about all the things Muriel has seen in our world. Scroll down to find some interesting events happening on Muriel's birthday throughout her lifetime:

2006 Ethiopian troops eject the Islamic forces from Mogadishu, Somalia

1997 Hong Kong begins slaughtering all its chickens to prevent bird flu

1997 Russia signs agreement to build a $3B nuclear power plant in China

1994 B737-400 flies into a mountain at Edremit East Turkey, 54 killed

1994 Bangladesh government of Zia resigns

1991 12th United Negro College Fund

1991 Boeing 747-200F of China Airlines crash into mountain at Taipei

1989 Jane Pauley says goodbye to NBC's "Today" show

1989 Wayne Gretzky and Martina Navratilova, named athletes of decade by AP

1988 Victorian Post Office Museum in Australia closes

1984 Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi claims victory in parlimetary elections

1983 U.S. announced withdrawal from UNESCO

1982 Bob Marley postage stamp issued in Jamaica

1982 Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant ends his career with Alabama (323 wins)

1978 Spain constitution goes into effect

1975 11 killed, 75 hurt by terrorist bomb at LaGuardia Airport in New York City

1972 Eastern Tristar Jumbo Jet crashes near Everglades killing 101

1972 Life magazine ceases publication

1968 Israeli commandos destroy 13 Lebanese airplanes

1967 Star Trek's "Trouble With Tribbles" 1st airs

1965 CBS purchases NFL TV rights for 1966-68 at $18.8 million per year

1955 Barbra Streisand's 1st recording "You'll Never Know" at age 13

1954 Kingdom of Netherlands, with Netherlands and Netherlands Antilles as autonomous parts, comes into being

1948 Canada recognizes Israel

1948 U.S. State Department announces work on placing objects into Earth orbit

1940 Germany begins dropping incendiary bombs on London (WW II)

1937 Ireland adopts constitution (Irish Free State becomes Eire)

1934 1st collegiate basketball doubleheader (MSG)

1933 Yankees refuses to release Babe Ruth so he can manage the Cincinnati Reds

1930 Fred P Newton completes longest swim ever (1826 miles), when he swam in the Mississippi River from Ford Dam, Minn, to New Orleans

1922 Dutch Constitution proclaimed

1920 Yugoslav government bans Communist Party

1908 Patent granted for a 4-wheel automobile brake, Clintonville, Wisc

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