Saturday, November 28

Santa Claus Is Coming To Serenity

Serenity Assisted Living welcomed two very special guests this past Saturday; and what an exciting visit it was! Since this is a busy time of year for both of them, their surprise stopover was unexpected; but Santa and Mrs. Claus decided to take a break from their seasonal festivities to catch up with all of us here at Serenity. Indeed, Santa had been watching us and saw that we had been pretty good over this past year; and it was nice that we even had some milk and cookies to share with the unexpected visitors. Santa spent the afternoon giving all of us a few early gifts and asking us what we wanted for the holidays. It was a blast to hear his jokes and laugh with Mrs. Claus as he sat us one by one on his knee. Now we know we’ll have to keep on being good so we get more treats!

After spending the afternoon, it was finally time for Santa and Mrs. Claus to head back to the North Pole; but we were able to take a few pictures to share with you! Take a peek above at Santa and Mrs. Claus as they surprise Esther Olson, Muriel Kaercher and Henrietta Van Dyke last Saturday. To the right is Florence Tingum who is laughing as Santa surprises her with an early present. And take a look to the left as Santa makes John Grubb sit on his lap before he gives John a gift. Pictured below is John who is helping Mary open her present after all the excitement of the day!

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