Sunday, September 13

Happy Grandparent's Day

Oh, it was a glorious day. At about 78 degrees, families and friends came from all over for a BBQ at Serenity Assisted Living to celebrate Grandparents Day!

National Assisted Living Week is always started on Grandparent's fitting! Jacob Birkemeyer (he prefers to be called, Master Executive Chef) spent the afternoon on the grill making bratwursts, hamburgers and steaks. Even though it was the first day of Sunday football for the year, Jacob gladly slaved over the hot grill. :-)

The food was DELICIOUS. How could we forget Elaine Anderson's famous baked beans...I think I had three servings alone!

Ron Evans, musician extraordinaire, entertained the crowd in the courtyard with famous old time tunes. I think almost everyone was tapping their feet and Ron's wife, Twila, was up and trying to get some dancing going.

And of course, we had to have the Vikings game on in the All-Seasons room!! We couldn't miss Brett Farve's big debut as the Vikings quarterback...too bad Adrian Peterson stole the show! They came out with a win and it added to the terrific day.

The total count for the end of the day? We had over 130 people in and out the doors of Serenity today...we couldn't ask for more. These families are an inspiration to us all! Happy Grandparents Day!!

Pictured above is Esther Olson with her family.

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